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Rent a robot

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Our company offers rent of humanoid, promoter, assistant and consultant robots for the client's needs. They can be used to:

• attract attention: while competitors talk monotonously, your robots will attract the audience;
• increase brand awareness: your clients will certainly remember you if you have a robot. More than 200 photos are posted in social networks per 1,000 visitors;
• boost sales: the actions of the robots can be custom scripted, so you have the opportunity to generate various sales scenarios and engage every client;
• improve advertising efficiency: robots are the best promoters. They do not get tired, work diligently, have perfect memory and can be controlled remotely.

The rental range includes 16 most popular models from the largest robot manufacturers in the world. The robots are particularly relevant lately since they do not get sick, do not tolerate viruses, and can substitute human staff.

They can be used at corporate parties and events, for marketing and advertising purposes, to optimize the company's personnel.


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